Are you concerned about the safety of your children getting to school or your child riding on a school bus with 60 to 75 others?

Discover the new and safe way to get your kids to school and activities.

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How It Works:


Become the administrator of your own parent carpooling group.


Each parent carpooling group must have a verified school associated with it.

Parent Drivers

Designated parents in a carpool group drive kids to their school.


Can be drivers or simply join their local carpool to get their kids to school.


Share a carpool with small groups of other students getting to school.


"It takes a team"

"Small is better"

Let My School Carpool create carpools to your school !

Our new Platform & School Carpooling App is designed to get children to school and activities safely and decrease congestion in school zones through parents who share the same school to connect and share rides.


Create Carpools to Your School!

My School Carpool works to organize the parent transportation of students to-and-from school from their homes.

“Small is better”

Parents carpool four kids, including their child, from their homes to and from school. This eliminates 60 to 75 students being on one bus.

Want us to help?

We specifically created My School Carpool to gives parents a more efficient and safer way to get kids to school.

My School Carpool Provides a Secure Dashboard to:

All Drivers need to meet the My School Carpool Driver safety requirements.

Real-time tracking & notifications

We specifically created My School Carpool to give parents a safer way to get their children to school.

Parent-to-Parent Carpooling

Set up school carpools with families you trust and who share the same school. Create a trusted circle of parents that your children share rides with.


Stay up to date and connected to the parents in your team. Share important details and notes about your student’s carpool.

Wallet-to-Share Ride Costs

Drivers are reimbursed for their carpool mileage rate weekly, all from the App! Parents use the wallet feature to share the cost of each ride.

Sign up at $4 /mo per child

56¢ per mile shared across your carpool

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