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We are a family just like yours, concerned about our children’s safety and how they get back and forth to school each day. This is why we believe that a community driven, tech-based solution to school transportation can help give us all peace of mind, while helping to fill in some of the transportation gaps, where buses are not even an option for 50% of U.S. students.

It is widely known throughout the U.S. that schools are suffering with outdated transportation models and transportation budget cuts that are pulling money out of the classroom. This is why we specifically designed the My School Carpool Platform to help streamline carpooling for parents and enabling them to get their students to school safer. It is estimated that a school can save $37,000 per year just by eliminating one bus route.

In America, we spend over $20 billion dollars per year on school busing. And, less then 50% of students use the bus. It is a goal of My School Carpool to divert as much of this $20 billion as possible into the classroom.

John Bishop and his granddaughter founded My School Carpool. They came up with the idea after investigating a better way for her and her friends to safely get back and forth to school, when buses were not an option.

We thought what if schools ask the question:

Is there a safer way to get your kids to and from school?

The answer: YES!

Then we thought, “What if parents could use smart technology to safely & easily team up with other families from their school who live close by and carpool to and from school?  THIS IS HOW MY SCHOOL CARPOOL WAS BORN

Meet our CEO and Founder

John Bishop


John Bishop is the Founder of The Masters Program, an early college charter high school, located in Santa Fe, NM. Mr. Bishop is a self-taught accountant and founder of Norsam Technologies, a company engaged in microscopy and nano/micro machining utilizing focused ion beam, scanning electron microscope and high speed laser technologies with a special emphasis on diamond industry and archival applications. John subscribes to the philosophy that the truly educated never graduate. He has a unique educational background having been individually tutored and mentored in all aspects of his education and knowledge throughout his career. He began working immediately after high school.