Get The FAQs on My School Carpool

Find Out How Our New & Safe Way to Get Your Kids to School and Actives Safely Can Help Streamline Carpools For Your School

Getting Started

The process starts by an administrator registering to the platform. Parents will use the My School Carpool School Carpooling App to share rides to school or to school bus hubs that have been inputed by their school’s admin.

My School Carpool is New and Safe way to get your kids to school, through our School Carpooling App designed to help school administrators increase the safety in school zones, while helping the parents from their schools connect and share carpools.

An administrator must first contact us to REGISTER.


Once Registered, Administrators have access to a secure Admin Portal to:

  • Set up a custom account for their school & their schools parents.
  • Input bus routes & times that will serve as ‘carpooling hubs’ for parents using the My School Carpool App.
  • Grant parents access & approve parent drivers.
  • Message and manage all family members from their school.
  • Receive email alerts each time there is a new user request.

1. An email invitation is sent to school families with info and a link to sign up to our app via IOS or Android.
Parents are given their *Unique School Name for registration. *This ensures that families will only be connecting with
the families that have been given access from their school.
2. Parents set up their family profile. If they wish to be drivers, then they submit additional information for My School Carpool’s *driving criteria.
3. An automated email goes out to each parent once their account has been approved by the school admin.
4. Parents can now login to the My School Carpool App to: Set up Groups (Drivers only), Search for Groups to join and to Schedule Carpools.
*Drivers are required to upload: Current Registration, Vehicle Insurance & Inspection Report.

Parent signup information is securely synced to their Schools My School Carpool Admin Website, so that they can be verified and gain access to the My School Carpool Carpooling App.

Once approved parents can then search and create groups to set up carpools.

The cost is $4 per month, per child, plus splitting $0.56 a mile.

Parents will need to use their credit card to add money to the in-app-wallet weekly. This is how parents split the mileage cost for each ride that their child and or children are in.

***Ride Mileage(based on yearly IRS business rate + 3¢) 56¢ for 2021 year

The My School Carpool carpooling app is strictly for parents who have children at a specific school. An administrator must first be registered to the My School Carpool Platform before the parents from that particular school can have access to the My School Carpool School Carpooling App.

PTA Relay is designed specifically to get kids to and from school or to designated school bus drop-off and pick-up hubs, that have been uploaded to the platform by a schools appointed admin.

The My School Carpool carpooling app is available on iOS and Android.

If your administrator is registered, then you would have received an email invitation to register yourself on the app.

If you did not receive this invitation, then it is likely that your administrator has not yet signed up.

Have them reach out and we will get them on board HERE!

  • A Group is created by a Verified Driver Member from a particular school and serves as a school carpooling group.
  • Drivers create each group based off of a specific pick-up & drop-off location that has been set up by their administrator.
  • The only purpose of a Group is to organize the carpools of kids to and from school or to a destination bus stop that will transport kids the rest of the way.
  • Members & other approved Drivers request to join Groups.
  • Drivers are the only Members who can schedule and send a carpool invitation to other members of a specific Group.

Parent Registration

All participating parents will need to sign up to get started.

  1. From your phone click the link that you received from your administrator welcome invitation, download the app and create a login for yourself.
  2. Set up your profile and your child’s and or childrens’ profile.
  3. Select your *Unique School Name from the drop down menu. *This ensures that families will only be connecting with the families that have been given access from their school.
  4. If you want to be a Parent Driver, then fill out the required fields within the app and submit your application to your administrator. *About My School Carpool Driver Criteria
  5. Drivers you will be prompted to set up your Stripe account. This is how you will be reimbursed for your trip mileage. See Stripe Account & In-App-Wallet for more details.
  6. You will be notified by email once your account has been verified.

The In-App-Wallet

All Non-Driver Members will be required to add money to their app wallets before joining a Group.

  • The wallet is designed so that all of the members in a School Carpooling Group share the cost of each trip.
  • The mileage for each trip is set to 61¢ per mile.
  • Drivers are reimbursed at the end of each school week right from the app via their linked Stripe account.

Drivers Create Groups

*Drivers are the only My School Carpool members who can: *Create Groups & *Schedule Carpools

Select your:

  • School
  • Pick-up & Drop off Location ( the times have already been added by your administrator)
  • Name Your Group

Anytime a driver sets up a group this automatically makes you the group owner. Drivers can have multiple groups and are the only members of a group that can send a carpool invitation.

You will be prompted in the App to set up your STRIPE account.

See More below in Stripe Account


And, each driver within a group can send a scheduled ride request.

Stripe Account

All verified Drivers will need to set up a Stripe account through the app.

  • Drivers are reimbursed at the end of each school week right from the app via their linked Stripe account.

    Set Up Stripe Account

    • You will be prompted in the App to set up your STRIPE account.
    • You will want to use your Social Security Number as your business ID.
    • You will be required to link a Bank Account in order to receive payments for you rides.
    • You will be asked to provide a website. If you do not have one, then provide your facebook profile address. If you do not have a facebook profile, then you can use: https://myschoolcarpool.com
    • At the end of each week you will be reimbursed directly from the app into your Stripe account.

Search Groups

Once your account has been verified log back in to begin searching school carpool groups.

*When Groups appear the following will be visible for each group:

  • Group Name
  • Group Owner
  • School Name
  • The Distance the Group Owner is From You (this will let you know who is in your neighborhood carpooling)
  • The Pick-up/Drop-off Locations & Arrival & Departure time that a particular group will be carpooling to.

When you click on a group you can view the Drivers Profile, Child’s Profile and the number of available seats in a particular group. (*Only 4 kids are in a ride, this includes any children that the driver may have.)

Joining Groups

After you have found the group you want to join go to their profile page and send you request.

When you click on a group you will be taken to the Group Profile Page.

  • Click Send Request
  • You will be notified when your request has been accepted or rejected.

When a request has been sent, the group owner will see:

  • Parents Name & Picture
  • The Name, Grade & Picture of the Parents Child and or Children
  • The Distance that the joining member is from you.

Scheduling Carpools

Drivers are the only members in a group who can send an invitation for a RIDE TO SCHOOL or RIDE HOME

Select your Group and go to your Group Profile Page.

  • Click on Calendar
  • Select your Dates & Send your Request
  • You will be notified when members Accept your invitation.

When a request has been sent you will see:

  • Parents Name & Picture
  • School Name
  • Group Name
  • Date, Time & Location

From the Home Page to to My Groups:

  • Select your Group
  • Go to Group Page
  • Select Calendar
  • Click on the Drivers Image to view details about the ride and the children who are opted into the ride.

Members of a school can carpool to the designated stops that are inputed by their My School Carpool Administrator.  This can be directly to school or to destination bus hubs.

Drivers Start the Ride

All members will receive a notification each time a ride has started.

Select your Group and go to your Group Profile Page.

  • Click on Calendar
  • Select your date
  • Click Start the Ride
  • Your location will appear along with the names and route of all of your riders.
  • Go to your Group’s Calendar and click on the Ride.
  • Select Track My Ride
  • You will be notified when your child has been picked-up and dropped-off.

Trust and Safety

If you would like to be a Parent Member Driver to provide rides through My School Carpool, you must:

  1. Be from a My School Carpool registered school and have at least one child in attendance in that school.
  2. Hold a valid drivers license in the state you are driving in.
  3. Pass a background check.
  4. Proof of recent vehicle inspection.
  5. Have proof of appropriate car insurance coverage.
  6. Current Vehicle Registration
  7. You can see more by going to: Terms
  8. Drivers must set up a STRIPE ACCOUNT to manage rideshare payments.

Parents are responsible for their children.

MY SCHOOL CARPOOL has provided driver safety measures within the app for schools and parents that want their kids to participate in  our carpooling program.

We encourage parents to use the in-app messaging feature to communicate any changes to a carpool and to always be available during their kids pickup and drop offs, regardless of whether they are the driver.

Schools and Parents

All members will receive a notification each time a ride has started.

The Administrators role is to first verify that all members are from their school.  It is also the Admins job to verify and approve all steps involved in the driver verification process.

The My School Carpool Administrator is there to negotiate the needs of their district and to help customize the experience by using our mobility technology to create better pick up and drop off locations for their school and it’s parents.

  1. Abide by Driving Laws.
  2. Kindness and care for the children in the ride.
  3. Safety Always
  4. Punctuality
  5. Good Communication

If anything comes up in relationship to your child’s rideshare it is a parents responsibility to report this to the appointed My School Carpool Administrator so that appropriate action can be taken.

Things to Know

A School’s Members’ can only carpool to the locations that their admin designates for their school.
• Parents use their credit card to top-up their in-app- wallets and split the cost of each ride. *Ride mileage is based on yearly IRS business rate.
• My School Carpool Groups can have up to 4 drivers in a group and can only carpool up to 4 students per ride(this includes the drivers child or children).
• A group can schedule rides up to 5 consecutive calendar days per week.
• Members receive notifications on all group actions & can private message members in their group.
• Parents can click on the driver image in the schedule and view the details of a ride and the kids that are opted into a ride for each calendar day.
• Parents can Track their child’s ride while it’s happening.
• Drivers have route optimization, with estimated travel times, distances and directions, for each pick-up and
drop-off, within a complete ride.
• Drivers are the only members in a group who can send
a carpool invitation for a RIDE TO SCHOOL or RIDE HOME.
• Members have the option to ACCEPT an invitation and can also OPT OUT of any scheduled ride they are in.