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A Carpooling App Families Can Trust

My School Carpool is a school carpooling platform for schools and families, helping parents who share the same school to connect securely and share rides to and from school. We specifically created our transportation technology to give parents a safe and efficient way to get their kids back and forth to school..

My School Carpool can also be used as a school bus enhancement system to where students are dropped off at a specification location close to school where they board a bus and return by bus to the same location in the afternoon.

With My School Carpool parents can look forward to feeling peace of mind connecting with families nearby to share rides to and from school. My School Carpool is administered with verification checks for all members and drivers. Families can use the app to find carpool groups with other families from their school that live close by. The app includes: custom groups, carpool invites, schedule, alerts for every important step, route optimization, maps, estimated trip times, in-app- wallet to share rides costs & family profiles.

Getting Started:

  • Your administrator must first register in order for you to have access to the app. You can choose who you want to be your administrator. Your administrator can be from your school or from your own group with My School Carpool administrative approval. 
  • Once your administrator is on board, create your profile. If you want to be a driver, submit the required information through the app. You will receive an automated email once your account has been verified.
  • Drivers set up groups & members look for groups to join.
  • Send carpool invitations and see everyone who is opted into the ride with all of the important information for the trip.
  • Our app makes it easy for parents to get reminders and to know all of the details about their kid’s school carpool, including any schedule changes to the ride.

Things to Know:

  • My School Carpool is $4 per month per child. Your subscription automatically renews unless you cancel.
  • You must add money to your in-app-wallet in order to participate in a carpool. Current ride share costs are 56¢ per mile.

• To see our terms visit: https://myschoolcarpool.com/my-school-carpool-terms