Let My School Carpool Help Optimize Your School's Transportation Experience

Get ready to streamline carpools to your school.


My School Carpool is a school bus replacement platform & school carpooling app designed to safely get your children to school, decrease congestion in school zones & help parents to organize carpools to school.

Our user-friendly technology offers a community driven, district wide, school carpooling solution, designed to get students to-and-from school safely.

School Administrators, find out how My School Carpool's School Bus Replacement Platform & School Carpooling App can help:

  • Get students to and from school safely.
  • Create a new kind of pick up and drop off layout.
  • Eliminate some of the school zone congestion that leads to accidents and injuries every year.
  • Optimize school transportation and reduce some of the costs associated with it.
  • Help parents share time and costs in getting their kids to-and-from school.

Statistics show that approximately 25,000 children are injured each year in school zone accidents.

School Administrators, find out how My School Carpool's School Bus Replacement Platform & School Carpooling App can help:

Our School Management Dashboard provides seamless integration with our My School Carpool Carpooling App making it easy for Administrators to manage & track the families that are on board to carpool to-and-from school.


With My School Carpool parents and schools can leverage technology to optimize safety & help connect parents to organize carpools to-and-from school.


Administrator Portal

With the My School Carpool web portal administrators can manage parents & parent drivers who are on board to carpool

Input Locations

Administrators input the locations & times that their school’s parents will be carpooling to, making it easy to reduce traffic congestion associated with pick-up & drop-offs.

Connect Families

Families using the My School Carpool App can easily find other families from their school living nearby to schedule carpools with.

Safer School Zones

Encouraging parents to carpool will help to eliminate school congestion and therefore may increase safety in and around the school zone. No more crazy pick-up & drop-off lines.

Reduce Costs

My School Carpool’s School Carpooling Platform is designed to encourage parents who already drive their kids to school to connect to create carpools.

Help Kids

Connecting families with other families in their communities will help create greater opportunity for kids in households with lower incomes, in need of a more affordable way to school.

School transportation impacts every level of a schools system.

If students can get to school safely and on time, then they can learn.

At My School Carpool, we want to see our school zones safer, student transportation more cost effective, with greater reach and therefore greater equality for low income families. And, we think parents and transportation sectors working together can help make this happen.


Would you like to learn how the My School Carpool Platform can help your school & your school’s parents to better organize carpools?

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